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We are so thankful for the move of God we have seen through the years. We have seen hundreds of people recieve the Holy Ghost, and thousands come to the altar.

Don't be fooled by the "performance" look of what we do - we look for God's Spirit to be poured out at our revivals. It's serious business to us and we approach all that we do with fasting and prayer. God blesses our meetings with people receiving the Holy Ghost, children leaving excited about church, teenagers and adults wanting to be more involved with local ministry.

We would ask that you prayerfully consider us for your next children, youth or family revival. Our ministry has kids appeal, and has a big affect on teens and adults. Our puppetry and skits create an atmosphere of fun, learning and worship that is great for the whole family!

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Puppetown 1998-2015
Rev. Dale Harrah
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