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Your generous support helps us keep spreading the Gospel by creating DVDs, CDs, books and Website Media. Our videos are seen all over the world.

Your support will help cover the production costs of the video production and website maintaince. Any support is appreciated.

Gifts over $100 will recieve a Partner Certificate that is suitable for framing.

Contribution statements will be mailed at year's end for all donations over $25.
Weekly Puppetown Web-Episodes
Release 3 DVD's a year:
   2015 Titles:
         My God Is Bigger
         Pastor Frankenstein
         Christmas Special
My Adventures as a .... Book Release (2010)
Operation: SOC SOC - Kidz Ministry Handbook
    (Save Our Children, Save Our Country)
Crusades to USA Mission Churches
Annual Mission Trips
Ministry Goals
Ministry Needs
Ministry Vehicle
Studio Lighting
Lightweight Stage
High Definition Video Camera
Computer Upgrades
Because we use our puppets, dummies and props so frequently, the costs of replacement and repair is very expensive. Puppets range from $100 to $300 each. A professional dummy costs between $200-$600 each, a wooden dummy costs between $1200-$2400 each.

Because we want to provide children with unique characters, most of our puppets are custom made. Puppets have an average life of about 3 years.

You could help our ministry by sponsoring a puppet. Follow the link below for more information.
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Rev. Dale Harrah
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